Quality Skincare

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and made with premium ingredients, our skincare products are formulated with your health in mind.

Mineral Makeup

Made with 100% pure crushed minerals, our Demúre Mineral Makeup line has it all. From brilliant accents to subtle foundations, you know what we are made of!

Premium Body Care

Give your skin a break from the toils of life with our hydrating and soothing line of Delúvia Skincare products, such as the best-seller Delúvia Miracle Aloe Cream.


Delúvia Dead Sea Skincare

Complete skincare line, including antioxidant cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, clarifying toner, rejuvenating facial cream, purifying mud mask, creamy shea body butter, soothing mineral salts, body scrub, hydrating eye cream, hand & body lotion, etc.

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Demúre Mineral Cosmetics

Demúre is a full line of mineral cosmetic products that are good for your skin, with premium ingredients to enhance your natural beauty. Over 50 mineral eye colors to choose from! No fillers, no talc, and paraben free.

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