Mineral Makeup Foundation Application and Tips

Mineral Foundation Application

  1. Start by tapping a small amount of Demure minerals into the lid. It does not take much and it is always better to use too little than too much. You can always apply another layer if you want more coverage.
  2. Swirl your brush in the lid, working the minerals into your brush.
  3. Turn your brush upside down (bristles facing upwards) and tap the end lightly on your countertop. This helps to settle the minerals into the brush. You should see very little of the minerals on the tips of the brush. (This keeps you from applying too much.)
  4. Using a circular motion, start applying the foundation starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbone, swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then approach your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Do this until you have achieved your desired coverage.

Mineral Foundation Tips

Travelling with your makeup can sometimes be a bit challenging with your makeup jars going every which way in your suitcase. One way to keep the minerals stabilized during travel is to put a cotton ball in the top part of the jar before replacing the lid.

Picking the Right Color

Do you need help choosing the right Foundation color for you? Here are some tips to help you. First let's determine your undertone '“ is it Warm/Yellow or Cool/Pink?


Skin with warm and yellow undertones usually has a golden or olive tint and tans easily. If your veins appear more greenish, you have a more yellow undertone. If you are of Hispanic, Mediterranean or Asian descent you may have yellow undertones in your skin, and your choice would likely be a Warm Foundation color.


Skin with cool and pink undertones usually has a pink or rosy tint and burns more easily in the sun. If your veins show somewhat blue through the skin, and if you tend to burn before tanning, you probably have pink undertones. Light or Medium Foundation shades are what suit the skin color of most cool/pink undertoned women so this is a good place to start, especially if you are of Scandinavian, German or English descent with pink undertones.