Mineral Makeup Concealer Application and Tips

Mineral Makeup Concealer Application & Tips

Mineral Concealer Application

Concealer is used to even out specific areas of discoloration, ideally before or after applying foundation over the whole face. These areas could be the dark circles under the eyes, redness, or problem areas Apply your concealer directly to these areas using a smaller brush (such as an eye shadow brush).

Choosing Which Concealer Color to Use

Demure Concealer comes in three colors in order to target specific problems.

The Original (yellow) Concealer is mostly used to offset purple and blue lines such as under eye circles, broken capillaries or visible veins.

Mint Concealer combats redness such as pimples, rosacea and rough spots.

Lavender Concealer helps even out yellow coloring such as a bruise or birthmark.

Mineral Concealer Tips
– Apply the concealer after you put on the foundation and you will find you use less concealer. This is because the foundation will cover some of those discolored areas and you will have less to conceal.

– You can use your finger to apply Concealer to a specific blemish. Just get a speck of the minerals on your finger and tap onto the blemish. This will help to give you the best coverage.