Mineral Makeup Blush Application and Tips

Mineral Blusher and Bronzer Application Tips

Load your Blush Brush with your choice color, gently tap your brush to settle the powder into the brush and apply. Note that our Mineral Blushers are very concentrated and it does not take much of the minerals to get the desired results. A few specks of the minerals should be enough. Add layers to get a darker blush.

You can also tone your blush down after you apply it by going over it with your Finishing Powder. This will feather the edges and give you a natural look.

Apply the blush to the apple of your cheek. This is the round part that pulls up when you smile. Use back and forth brush strokes as you move up the cheek to the cheekbone starting at the part of your cheek that is just below the middle or the eye. This gives more color at the hollow of the cheek and less at the cheekbone and you get a highlighted effect.

Our Go Bronze Mineral Blush can also be used as a bronzer. Mix this with some of your Finishing Powder and apply to desired areas. Add more Finishing Powder to lighten the results. You can also add some Gold Shimmer Mineral Color to give your skin a more shimmering effect.

Mineral Blush and Bronzer Tips

– Try mixing different colors of blush to get different effects.

– You can try two different shades, using a darker shade on your outer cheek bone and a lighter one on the front part of your cheek, then apply Finishing Powder to blend.

– Blush can also be used on your eyes, lips and nails.

– You can get a sun-kissed sheen by using a light touch of bronzer powder on your forehead, chin and nose before you put on the blush.