Mineral Makeup Application Tips

Mineral Makeup Application – How to Apply

It is always best to start off applying your makeup to clean dry skin. For best results use a good moisturizer prior to applying your mineral makeup (such as the Anti-wrinkle Turbo Creme).

Mineral Concealer

If you have areas you wish to conceal such as dark circles under your eyes, redness, or problem areas, apply your concealer directly to these areas using a smaller brush (such as an eye shadow brush). It is best to use your Mineral Concealer after applying your foundation.

Mineral Foundation

  1. Start by tapping a small amount of Demure minerals into the lid. It does not take much and it is always better to use too little than too much. You can always apply another layer if you want more coverage.
  2. Swirl your brush in the lid, working the minerals into your brush.
  3. Turn your brush upside down (bristles facing upwards) and tap the end lightly on your countertop. This helps to settle the minerals into the brush. You should see very little of the minerals on the tips of the brush. (This keeps you from applying too much.)
  4. Using a circular motion, start applying the foundation starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbone, swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then approach your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Do this until you have achieved your desired coverage.

Mineral Blushers/Bronzer

Tap a very small amount of blush into the lid. Load your blush brush with your choice color, gently tap your brush to settle the powder into the brush and apply. Note that our Mineral Blushers are very concentrated and it does not take much of the minerals to get the desired results. A few specks of the minerals should be enough.

You can also tone your blush down some by going over it with your Finishing Powder. This will feather the edges and give you a nice natural look.

Our Go Bronze Mineral Blush can also be used as a bronzer. Mix this with some of your Finishing Powder and apply to desired areas. Add more Finishing Powder to lighten the results or less if you want a darker look. You can also add some Gold Shimmer Mineral Color to give your skin a more shimmering effect.

Finishing Powder

Demure Finishing Powder is a translucent, silky powder that will add that smooth finished look to your makeup. Use it as a final step after applying your Mineral Blush. Our Finishing Powder is completely sheer and works to gently absorb oil and minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. It can be used as desired throughout the day.

Mineral Colors

Demure Mineral Colors can be used in many different ways. First and foremost they are used as eye colors. However, you can use them for eye liner, lip color, nail polish, and blush. They can also be mixed with other colors to create unique, customized colors of your creation.

Eye Color: To use as an eye color, tap a small amount of minerals into the lid of your jar. Load your eye shadow brush and tap off any excess. Apply a darker shade to your eye lid and a lighter, complementary shade from your lid to your brow.

Eye Liner: Tap a small amount into the lid. Wet an eye liner brush with water and mix this together in the lid of your jar. Use more water as needed. These colors can also be applied dry, with an eye liner brush, for a more subtle look.

Lip Color: Dip the tip of your Oh So Clear Lip Gloss into any of the Mineral Colors or Blushers and apply to your lips. You can blend colors together and create any shade you want.

Nail Polish: Using a good quality clear nail polish, add your Miner Color or Blush to the clear polish, shake to mix, then apply to your nails.