Mineral Eye Color Application and Tips

Mineral Eye Color Application

Demure Mineral Colors can be used in many different ways. First and foremost they are used as eye colors. However, you can use them for eye liner, lip color, nail polish, and blush. They can also be mixed with other colors to create unique, customized colors of your creation.

To use as an eye color, tap a small amount of minerals into the lid of your jar. Load your eye shadow brush and tap off any excess. Apply a darker shade to your eye lid and a lighter, complementary shade from your lid to your brow.

To use as an Eye Liner, tap a small amount into the lid. Wet an eye liner brush with water and mix this together in the lid of your jar. Use more water as needed. These colors can also be applied dry, with an eye liner brush, for a more subtle look.

7-Final Eye Looking Down

To use as a Lip Color, dip the tip of your Oh So Clear Lip Gloss into any of the Mineral Colors or Blushers and apply to your lips. You can blend colors together and create any shade you want.

To create a nail polish, use a good quality clear nail polish and add your Miner Color or Blush to the clear polish, shake to mix, then apply it to your nails.

Mineral Colors Tips

– Try mixing colors together to create your own custom shades as well. This can be fun and you will discover many new blends that can be created from just a few of these colors.

– For eye shadow, use colors that make your eyes stand out. For example using a color similar to your own eye color will do this as well as contrasting colors.

– Too much shadow is not advisable. You want to apply shadow up to the brow bone but not on it unless you are using a neutral color or a highlighter.

– When you apply dark shadow to the crease of your eye, stay more to the outside when you blend. Getting too close to your eye will make it look smaller.

– Shimmer works best if you create a ‘nude’ look on the lid and use a highlighting color to the brow bone (such as Naked Glow, Gold Shimmer, Mocha Ice, Eggshell Mineral Color).

– A smokey eye look is best done by keeping the color from the lid and just under the lower lash line rather than above the crease and blend, blend, blend.

– To make your eyes look brighter, apply a dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct and along the lower lid.