Brush Application and Tips

Demure Natural Hair Brushes Application

Demure 100% natural goat hair brushes will give you that natural, feathered application that you want with mineral makeup.  Do not use synthetic brushes as they will not produce the results you want.

To apply mineral makeup, start by tapping a small amount into the cap. Then swirl the brush around inside the cap to spread the color around the brush. As a last step, tap the brush on the edge of the cap so that the mineral makeup moves down into the brush hairs. Then your ready to apply!

Kabuki Brush – Use a Kabuki Brush to apply finishing powder and foundation. This brush has short, dense hairs that are ideal for application of your base color.

Blush Brush & Retractable Brush '“ Use these brushes to apply your blush or bronzer. This brush has short hairs that are looser than in a kabuki blush, for a less dense application.

Eye Color Brushes '“ We have three brushes available for the application of color. The Eye Shadow Brush which is made for applying eye colors and concealer. We also have an Angled Eye Brush for targeted shaping and detailed eye color application. We have a Eye Liner Brush to apply very targeted eye color, or when applying wet eye color / liner.

Cleaning Your Natural Hair Brush

It is important to clean your makeup brushes every 2 to 3 weeks or even more often if you use them several times a day. When you use your makeup brushes, they pick up the natural oils on your face as well as any other products you are using. This, plus the makeup, makes an ideal home for bacteria.

To clean your brushes, use a small amount of antibacterial soap or shampoo. Swirl the brush gently in your hand with the soap under running water. Repeat this step until no more makeup comes out. Rinse with warm water and squeeze out any excess. Place on a few layers of paper towel to drain a bit. While the brushes are still damp, fluff them and stand them up to dry, with the head slightly lifted (not straight up and down). We suggest putting them standing up in a mug. Once dry, re-fluff and they are ready to use.